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At some point in your

past, you said “Yes” to

following Jesus.

And that’s awesome
We know that it’s supposed to be a life-altering journey, but…
What if our journey hasn’t been what we thought it would be?
Were you left to yourself to just figure it out?

Do you ever feel that God is distant?

Is your relationship with Him stale?
Religious legalism?
Void of the romantic pursuit of a heavenly Father?

Have you settled for just being a good church person?

No matter how many years have

passed, what if – today – the

journey could begin again?

You may think new = first time.

Sometimes it does.
But what if “new” meant so much more?

Beginning again.
Fresh start.
All things new.

Matthew 5:8 “Blessed are the pure in the heart for they shall see God.”
Purity then isn’t about “being” right but “seeing” right.

You may not be “new” to following Jesus.
But maybe your journey needs to re-new.

Let’s go back.
See things differently.

There is just as much available for you here as for the first-timer.

But you may have to clean your lens.
Unlearn and relearn some things.
Let go of some religious expectations.

Being a believer, new or old, is to embrace this journey of becoming the person God created us to be.
are you in?

Let's Renew This!